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Why do I need Wall Coatings?
We get asked this a lot and we outline how your property would benefit from exterior wall coatings

Why do I need Wall Coatings?

The exterior walls of your home are under constant attack from wind and rain and, to a great extent, they do a pretty good of defending against this. Both traditional single thickness walls and modern cavity walls will keep the weather out, although neither system is perfect.

Traditional, single-thickness, masonry and brick walls absorb moisture and allow its release by natural evaporation. Over time though this damp can build up and lead to internal damp and mould, especially where walls don’t get a lot of sunlight. In severe cases, excessive moisture can also cause timbers to rot.

Modern cavity walls have two skins with an air-gap in between which prevents moisture from passing from one side to the other. But a combination of poor design and workmanship sometimes means this gap isn’t maintained and this can lead to damp problems. 

Also, with either system, there are weaknesses, especially where there are openings for windows and doors. It’s very difficult to allow for the differential movement of timber or uPVC and masonry – moisture will get in eventually.

Masonry walls are also subject to movement and this will, inevitably, lead to hairline cracks in the mortar and cement render. Water can get in via these cracks and become trapped, leading to all manner of problems.

This is where our exterior wall coatings can make the difference and protect your property both now and for the future.

What are the benefits of having a protective wall coating on my property?

Our exterior wall coating resists the build up of unsightly mould and algae. It covers scarring and surface imperfections and will not chip, flake or peel. It is breathable and is resistant to penetrating damp. All of which eliminates the need for frequent re-painting and for extra peace of mind our exterior wall coatings are guaranteed.

Does this sound like your property?

  • Regular painting required to your property exterior?
  • Penetrating damp, wet patches or stains on the wall?
  • In a coastal regions where salt deposit damage can be a factor?
  • An areas with severe wet and windy weather conditions?
  • Cracked or hollow rendering or pebbledash?
  • Mouldy, green or dirty walls with mildew or condensation?
  • High home heating bills and cold internal walls?
  • Scars from building alterations over time given a patchy look?
Our coatings can help with all of the above so...

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