Exterior Wall Coatings

Arbiter Coatings flexible exterior wall coatings are applied using specialist high-pressure spray equipment. Tough and durable, our coatings are bonded to the wall surface and are power washable. The protective exterior wall coating system is particularly effective for properties prone to damp penetration and salt deposit damage in coastal regions and areas where severe wet and windy weather conditions are more common.

Our Promise

Arbiter Coatings use only the highest quality products and materials, yet still offer realistic affordable prices.

With our vast experience in wall repairs, renders, and exterior wall coatings your satisfaction is assured. All works, from remedial / repair stage, to primer application, progressing on to the protective wall coating process and finally demasking and a thorough cleaning of the site, are expertly carried out by our own highly trained professional teams. Examples of our Exterior Wall Coatings along with references, are available on request, so give us a call, and we will be happy to help.

Eliminates Frequent Painting

Our exterior wall coating resists the build up of unsightly mould and algae. It covers scarring and surface imperfections and will not chip, flake or peel. It is also resistant to penetrating damp. All of which eliminates the need for frequent re-painting and for extra peace of mind our exterior wall coatings are guaranteed.